Track Categories

The track category is the heading under which your abstract will be reviewed and later published in the conference printed matters if accepted. During the submission process, you will be asked to select one track category for your abstract.

The top opportunities within the international medical care market can arise within the medical care facilities phase which can gain $126.1 billion of world annual sales by 2022. The medical care market size can gain the foremost within the USA at $55.23 billion. Nursing care market-trend-based ways that within which embrace the launch of integrated care services, implementation of remote patient observance and health management programs, and put together the launch of custom-care packages. Player-adopted methods within the nursing care trade embrace growth through mergers and acquisitions and the construction of the latest medical centres.


Nursing a profession within the health care division is committed to the care of individuals, families, and communities to attain, keep up, or recuperate ideal wellbeing and quality of life. Medical attendants are diverse from other wellbeing care suppliers with their attitude for quiet care, training, and scope of the practice. Medical caretakers hone in numerous specialties with dissimilar levels of prescription authority.

Nursing in disease management may be an all-encompassing approach for the arrangement of wellbeing care administrations to a person or populace that has side effects of certain illnesses. It incorporates the combination and coordination of different frameworks towards the improvement of an all-encompassing approach in terms of the conveyance of wellbeing care services.

Public health nursing promotes and protects the health of the populace utilizing information from nursing, social, and public health sciences. The foremost vital centre of open wellbeing nursing is to advertise wellbeing and halt the illness for the entire populace bunches. It incorporates the recognizable proof of individuals who are in require of care but who have wellbeing issues that put themselves inside the community in peril, such as those with infectious diseases.


Nurses have basic parts and obligations in reaction to the COVID-19 episode, essential acknowledgment, and arrangement for the expanding danger, overseeing staffing challenges at the side the well-being of medical attendants is of most prominent significance. Techniques to advance physical separation whereas not arranging persistent nursing instruction and quiet care are moreover fundamental. With provoke activities and synchronized endeavours, the chance of spreading the infection inside the healthcare sector can be kept at least. As medical attendants are within the cutting edge of healthcare, their self-confidence in being well-supported by the clinic must be kept up.


Clinical research nursing canters on research execution and the care of subjects taking part in clinical research. In expansion to giving and planning clinical care, clinical inquire about medical attendants have a central part in shielding member security, on-going support of educated assent, unwavering quality of convention execution, exactness of information collection, information recording, and follow-up. Care gotten by inquire about members is driven by think about necessities and the collection of research information, as well as by clinical signs. Clinical inquire about medical caretakers must always adjust the necessities for convention judgment and information quality with the clinical needs, consolation, and security of research members.


Oncology Nursing is the first challenging and fulfilling area in nursing. They care amid our most troublesome and hint minutes in life, those at our bedside, teaching us, empowering us.


  • Track 7-1Cancer Pain Management
  • Track 7-2Nursing Care Plans
  • Track 7-3Cancer Therapeutics
  • Track 7-4Cancer Therapeutics
  • Track 7-5General Issues in Cancer Nursing
  • Track 7-6Cancer Nursing Practices

Evidence-based Nursing points to make strides in the health and wellbeing of patients whereas too giving care in a cost-effective way to move forward the results for both the understanding and the healthcare framework. Evidence-based nursing focus on the collection, interpretation, evaluation, and integration of substantial, clinically critical, and applicable research.

Evidence-based nursing makes quality choices and giving nursing care based upon individual clinical mastery in combination with the foremost current, relevant research accessible on the subject. This approach employments evidence-based hone as an establishment.


Pediatric nurses working specifically with children and their families aim to moderate health issues before they emerge. A lifetime journey into wellness starts at birth, and the nursing calling is continuously in require of medical caretakers who commit their aptitudes to care for the pediatric patients as they develop and create. Pediatric nurses work in different settings with children of all ages by taking a preventive and common sense approach to supply care.


  • Track 9-1Child Neurology Nurses
  • Track 9-2Infant Nursing
  • Track 9-3Neonatal Nursing
  • Track 9-4Pediatric Oncology Nursing

Emergency nursing care for patients who are quick requires therapeutic consideration to maintain a strategic distance from long-term incapacity or passing. Crisis medical caretakers care for individuals who are incapable to urge essential restorative care and incapable to reach crisis divisions to offer assistance

Gynecology nursing cares for diseases or disorders concerning the reproductive organs; uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix, ovaries, and vagina from the onset of adolescence through menopause and past.

Obstetrical nurses give pre-birth care and testing, care for patients with pregnancy complications, amid labor and conveyance, and for patients taking after conveyance. 

These Nurses have reliably thought of individuals, families, and systems in their training. There has been a development within the number of restorative caretakers working exterior the crisis clinic, mainly in-network with regard to individuals and families.

Nursing science is of hypotheses and sensible ideas for rising in spite of the fact that clinicians and patients regulate the care and oversees conditions. Currently, nursing science contributes to the investigation and disclosure of imaginative approaches that make strides in health results.

  • Track 13-1Tele health and Tele nursing
  • Track 13-2Patient Identification Technology

Nursing informatics, a 21st-century science points with awesome plans for moving forward the quality, security, and adequacy of wellbeing care. Nursing Informatics offers a great chance to get the complete potential of organized and well-managed data by nursing staff.


Psychiatric nursing is an uncommon field of nursing practice, taking care of individuals with a mental health clutter to assist them to recuperate and advance their quality of life. Progressed information valuations are given by the Psychiatric medical attendants and treatment of psychiatric disarranges makes a difference them to supply great care.

Rehabilitation Nurses encourage patients with long physical inabilities, or chronic diseases, changing their limitations and coming to their full potential.


Cardiac nursing centers on avoiding and treating conditions related to the heart. Medical attendants in the cardiac division work in inpatient or outpatient settings cares for therapeutic or surgical patients, and get patients through an intense ailment or offer assistance to them oversee inveterate malady.

Holistic Nursing takes responsibility to create mindfulness with routine hones as well as elective treatments and modalities. With proceeding instruction and research, all-encompassing nurses give updates on all treatment alternatives for patients.

Midwifery deals with pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum period, sexual and regenerative wellbeing of ladies all through their lives.

Various Programs teach advanced practices to midwives to rise to meet the need of the patients.

This stream of nursing is concerned with the care of the older populace, which incorporates the advancement of healthy aging as well as avoidance, evaluation, and administration of physiological, obsessive, mental, financial, and sociological issues. 

Perianesthesia nursing is concerned with giving care to patients experiencing or recuperating from anesthesia. Perianesthesia nursing incorporates different subspecialty hone ranges and speaks to a differing number of hone situations and aptitudes.

Learning disability nurses work to supply master healthcare and support to individuals with a learning inability, as well as their families and staff groups, to assist them live a satisfying life.